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Smart Home Planning

AV & Electronic Design for Retrofit, Renovation, and Construction

Smart Home Planning

Are you planning on renovating or building a new home? The biggest mistake people make is not planning their audio visual and electronic needs during this process.

There are so many aspects when it comes to creating a “SMART” home. Getting an experienced and professional audio visual integrator involved during your planning and design process is crucial to creating the perfect and financially economical system that meets all of your needs.

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Smart Home Design

Smart Home Design

We live in an exciting world, full of ever-changing technologies that make our lives easier, but can also be very confusing.

When you are online or watching TV “Smart” technologies are everywhere. But what does “Smart” really mean? To keep it simple, a “smart” device is anything that can be controlled digitally via an online network. It can be as simple as a light switch controlled by your phone, or as customized as you wish controlling all aspects of your home from cameras to lighting.

TAGS: Alexa | Araknis | Control4 | Design | Google | Home Automation | Nest | Pakedge | Paradigm | Smart | Smart Home | Sonos | Triad

TV or Projector- A Common Question

When we meet with clients to begin planning their new audio visual systems the big question we get is, should I go with projection or TV? We wish there was a simple answer but there are many variables to consider when planning for either option. This is why working with an experienced and professional audio visual integrator like PureCI is so important.

TAGS: Home Theater | Home Theater Design | Large Image | Large TV | Projection | Projector | Screen | TV

Backyard Living and Options for Improving Your Tech Outside

Backyard Living and Options for Improving Your Tech Outside

Summer is here and these are definitely different times right now with restrictions and recommendations for having to stay within our own properties as much as possible. Anyone who has a backyard must feel very fortunate right now. You can spend as much time out there as you’d like while grabbing some fresh air and some sun. So, if you love tech, what can you do to improve your outdoor living experience?

TAGS: Audio | Backyard Audio | Backyard Wifi | Better Wifi | Garden Oasis | Landscape Audio | Outdoor Audio | Outdoor Entertainment | Outdoor TV