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Pure Custom Integrations Featured in CE Pro

"Stunning 5-Screen Home Theater Designed for Sports, Batman Fanatic"

Pure Custom Integrations Featured in CE Pro

Holy home theater, Batman! It’s one thing to have a dedicated home theater, but it’s on a completely different level to incorporate five individual screens in one space, and a hidden door for the equipment room. But that’s exactly what Pure Custom Integrations in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, did for a homeowner who is equally obsessed with sports and Batman.

Read more about this installation on the CE Pro Website.

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What Are Your Options for Better Sound in Your TV Rooms?

What Are Your Options for Better Sound in Your TV Rooms?

Let’s face the facts: You’re not going to get great sound out of your TV speakers. Manufacturers have been improving picture quality on TVs for years. We used to have old tube TVs, then flat screens came out, 720P, 1080P High Definition, 4K and now you’re even seeing 8K TVs. So why aren’t they focusing on the actual speakers and sound on the TV? What options are available if you did want to get better sound in the rooms you watch TV? What does 5.1 or Atmos mean? Let’s break it all down and see what’s best for you.

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