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Smart Home Design

Smart Home Design

We live in an exciting world, full of ever-changing technologies that make our lives easier, but can also be very confusing.

When you are online or watching TV “Smart” technologies are everywhere. But what does “Smart” really mean? To keep it simple, a “smart” device is anything that can be controlled digitally via an online network. It can be as simple as a light switch controlled by your phone, or as customized as you wish controlling all aspects of your home from cameras to lighting.

Our goal at PureCI is to help guide you through everything that is possible and to create a streamlined system to give you everything you want and need in a smart home system.

There are many options in creating a smart home, but what we see value in is using a singular control system/application that is built for ease of use and functionality. We understand technology can become overwhelming for some, so we pride ourselves in simplifying things for our clients.

Building a system with a central control focus, eliminates the potential for weak spots within your smart home, and makes it easier to diagnose any problems, should they occur.

There are many smart options available on the market, and as we all know, some are built better than others. PureCI works with our clients and their budgets to build the best possible systems to give them everything they want and need in a smart home integration.

We take the time to walkthrough options like, wall mounted control panels, Voice control options, app based communication for phones and tablets. This is why its so important to talk with an experienced professional to plan the right system for you and your family. Some platforms require licenses for individual devices and this can add to clients budgets year to year regarding system maintenance and technical support.

There are no bad questions when it comes to learning about what a smart home is and what it can do for you and your family, so give our team at PureCI a call and we’d we happy to guide you through the smart home world and provide you with the system that is best for you!

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